Gin and tonic and calories: is Gin and Tonic bad for you?

As festivities and celebrations come to an end, here we are in the duller month we call January. The month of restrictions, diets, Blue-Monday, and Dry January. You want good news? Gin is one for the least caloric cocktails out there. No panic, you can still enjoy drinks with friends and Melifera while staying in shape and prioritizing your health. With moderation, of course.

No, you may not want to sacrifice your Gin moment for a Dry January; British challenge invented in 2013 that consists of not drinking alcohol during the month of January. Yet, you still want to lose the extra kilos gained during the holidays and stay in shape. Regarding alcohol, two golden rules to keep in mind: moderation and drinking a low-calorie cocktail. This is where Melifera comes in, to tell you; Gin and Tonic does belong to the highly desirable group of low-calorie cocktails.

Gin and diets, not too bad!

Of course, we are going to be honest, alcohol and dieting are not best friends. The goal is simple. For the organism, alcohol is perceived as a toxin. Its priority then, is to eliminate it and this is done at the expense of fatty acid elimination. While our body is occupied with the evacuation of alcohol, it cannot focus on eliminating other fats. We also all know that alcohol is an important caloric intake. Alcohol is ethanol, whose energy value is 7 calories per gram, but also sugar, which adds up. This caloric index can reach higher numbers if alcohol is consumed in cocktails, combined with soft drinks or other sodas.

Good news: in the alcohol rankings, Gin is quite the star. First, the many virtues of white alcohol: it facilitates digestion, helps with certain articular aches and has calming benefits. Focusing on numbers: 100 milliliters of pure gin of 43 to 47 degrees, equivalates to approximately 263 calories, 0 grams of protein, 0 grams of carbohydrates and 0 grams of fat. We use Pastis as a benchmark for high-calorie alcohols, with 323 calories for 100 milliliters. Keeping in mind a serving of gin is usually 40 milliliters, a glass of gin would be around 105,2 calories. A little less than a glass of orange juice (11,5 calories for 250 ml) and way less than a Coca-Cola can (145 calories).

Gin Tonic, a top notch low-calorie cocktail

With cocktails, we’ve seen that calories can increase quickly. Depending on the recipe, how much is poured in the glass and the mixologist’s inspiration, a Piña Colada gorged of rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk can easily reach 600 calories! With its 140 calories per 40ml of gin and 120ml of tonic water, Gin is well ranked in the low-calorie cocktail list to say the least. Here you are reassured!



Melifera’s tips to reduce calorie intake  

At Melifera, the ideal Gin & Tonic is composed of 50ml of Gin for 120ml of tonic, in other words, 149 calories more or less. There are multiple ways to cut off calories in your Melifera cocktail. One way is to reduce the quantity and make this drink with 40ml of Gin and 100 ml of tonic water. Make sure to choose a tonic water that contains very little sugar (15 calories per 100ml). In total: 120,2 calories only to enjoy this cocktail!

It is also possible to use a light tonic water to get to 100 calories per drink, however, beware of artificial sweeteners that can be bad for your health if consumed in large quantities. 

Another suggestion is to enjoy a Gin Fizz, with 40ml of Melifera, 20ml of lemon juice and 20ml of sugar cane syrup it doesn’t go over 120 calories.

Gin & Tonic and aperitif: tips to stay in shape

To summarize, it is not impossible to drink your gin tonic without gaining weight, although alcohol is not your diet’s best friend. Using moderation and our measurement tips, it is possible to enjoy Gin Tonic while staying in shape! To maximize your chances, cut up some vegetables to snack on while enjoying your drink. Remember to drink water before and after your cocktail. And most of all, take time to prepare your Gin & Tonic, choosing the right glass, garnish, and ice cube. Here you are, all set to sit back and enjoy your beverage without thinking about the scale!

The abuse of alcohol can harm your health, consume in moderation.


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